Here are collected miscellaneous Srcery resources. In addition to themes, Srcery has some tools and packages to assist in creating new themes, or things that didn't fit anywhere else.


Latest version:

In an attempt to create a single source of truth concerning the palette used in various themes, a npm package was created that contains a JSON with all color information.

It isn't used in every project, but every change to the palette will happen there first, and will produce a new version of this package going forward.

Install using this command or check out the links below:

npm i @srcery-colors/srcery-palette

Web assets

Aside from the palette itself, here are some useful web assets.

Graphic assets

We keep graphic assets in a separate repo so not to inflate the size of each theme. Source for SVGs of various assets are kept in the src folder.

If you are looking for icons, logo, screenshots, etcetera, this is the place.


Here are some miscellaneous projects that don't really fit anywhere else. Mostly experiments and and other bits and bobs.